Shirt Care Guide

Your favorite shirts deserve a little special attention. At Gwapitos, we aim to inspire individuals to feel their best and feel comfortable through quality fabric.

Known for its performance, versatility, and natural comfort, our tees are 100% cotton - meant to fit the #GwapitosLifestyle.

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Sourced from the seedpod of the cotton plant, cotton is soft, breathable, lightweight, absorbent, hypoallergenic and duravle. Its fibre structure is unique that it helps you stay cool in the summer and warm in colder days.


Wash in warm or cool water (30°C or below) to prevent shrinking and fading. When using a washing machine, opt for a short and gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softeners, as this can dull the finish.


Cotton fabrics can be air-dried, or machine dried using moderate-to-low heat. High heats can cause cotton fibres to shrink.


Iron on high heat while fabric is slighly damp. Use steam as needed. Note that ironing can usually be avoided by air drying or removing immediately from the machine.