Labor Day Feature - Sexbomb Russel: What's one thing you did for yourself that totally paid off?

Labor Day Feature - Sexbomb Russel: What's one thing you did for yourself that totally paid off?

"I want to inspire people with my story and how people can learn a lot of different things and be passionate about it if they allow themselves and with the help of others."
After I dropped out of college, my dad told me to work immediately so I could help out pay the bills at home. Back then, my older sister was working for this big coffee company based in Manila. I didn’t think that I was going to be a barista or even take path from it. Well... I’m not really a coffee person to begin with. This is where it all started.

Working in a coffee shop helped me grow as a person. Back then I would remember being bad with having a conversation with people and socializing, just in the corner having my own world and not minding people around me.
Being a barista helped me improve my social skills and make great coffee at the same time, it taught me how to talk confidently and smile more often, I learned how to become aware with the people I surround with.

My energy changed, it became warm and accepting. From being that kid who is afraid to talk and meet people and having his own world at the corner, from this guy who is out and about and meeting a lot of different interesting people and giving joy with a cup of coffee…
After a few years in Manila, I decided to move to La Union to learn how to surf and learn how to live by my own. It is scary moving out of your comfort zone and moving to an unfamiliar place. Everything seems so new and you don’t know anyone. It's thrilling and exciting at the same time.

I work for this small coffee shop in La Union called El Union where I met these awesome lokal people who inspires me to try and learn a lot of different things.

They taught me how to be a bartender and mix alcohol...

They taught me how to play and mix music...

They taught me how to surf...

All of these new things that is happening in my life is amazing.

With all of those social skills that I have developed and learned throughout the years, it helped where I want to be right now. And my take with all of these great things that is happening to me now, is just be at the moment. Be in that moment where you enjoy doing what you’re doing.
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