Surf, Click, Repeat: Mati Olivieri's Journey into the World of Surf Photography

Surf, Click, Repeat: Mati Olivieri's Journey into the World of Surf Photography

Siargao, with its breathtaking landscapes and world-renowned waves, has become a magnet for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. In the midst of this tropical paradise, Mati Olivieri has found his calling, capturing the essence of Siargao's beauty and the spirit of its vibrant surf community.

As we sit down with Mati, we'll uncover the experiences that led him to Siargao, the stories behind his stunning surf photographs, and the deep connection he feels to this island that he now calls home. Through his lens, Mati has the power to transport us to the heart of Siargao's incredible energy and inspire us to embrace our own passions.


Embracing the Siargao Spirit

Close your eyes and imagine a life change—leaving everything behind, armed with just a camera and a laptop. That's precisely what Mati, our adventurous soul, did when he bid farewell to Argentina in 2015. His quest for a new beginning led him across Southeast Asia, and it was during this journey that he discovered Siargao Island—the place where his passion would soar to new heights.

Siargao had all the ingredients for Mati's dream to come alive. Pristine beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and a vibrant surf culture awaited him. The island's irresistible charm captivated his adventurous spirit, drawing him into a world where he could nurture his photography skills and turn his passion into a livelihood.


The Magnetic Pull of Siargao

Why did Mati choose Siargao? Well —it was love at first sight. After exploring various places in Southeast Asia, Mati stumbled upon Siargao, and it was a match made in heaven. The island offered the perfect blend of beauty, inspiration, and opportunity.

The decision to stay in Siargao was an easy one for Mati. The community embraced his early surf photography work with open arms, providing him with the motivation to continue honing his skills. From capturing epic shots from the tower to riding the waves with relentless passion, Mati felt the magnetic pull of Siargao, urging him to stay and continue his journey of growth.


Surf Photography: A Love Story Unveiled

Surf photography wasn't just a hobby for Mati—it was a love story waiting to unfold. The dynamic and visually captivating sport of surfing ignited a fire within him, compelling him to freeze those split-second moments that would otherwise fade away.

With his camera in hand, Mati immersed himself in the world of surf photography. From the first click of the shutter, he knew he had found his calling. Mati's images captured the raw beauty and indescribable thrill of riding the waves, evoking emotions and preserving memories for generations to come. The overwhelming positive feedback from the community fueled his passion and propelled him further on his photographic journey.


Siargao's Irresistible Charm

Now, let's talk about what Mati loves most about Siargao. Brace yourself, folks, because Siargao's charm is irresistible! It's not just the waves and picturesque landscapes that steal his heart—it's the vibrant and welcoming community that makes Siargao feel like home.

Siargao is a place where strangers become instant friends, united by their love for the ocean and a shared sense of adventure. Mati cherishes the connections he has formed, whether with fellow surfers or the locals who call Siargao their own. It's the spirit of camaraderie, the warm embrace of friendship, and the genuine support that make Siargao truly special.

You can bring a piece of Siargao's beauty and Mati's stunning work right into your own home! Mati's prints, which double as postcards, can be sent to anyone in the world and is available for purchase in-store.

Whether you want to adorn your walls with the mesmerizing waves or share the magic of Siargao with loved ones, Mati's prints are the perfect way to do it.

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